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Decorating a Lemonade Stand

By Party Camel on November 26, 2017 in Birthdays

Lemonade stands are fun for little ones.  It is a great way to keep them (and their friends) busy over a weekend! You can add a few sweet treats to your lemonade stand and you will be the most popular stop on the block! Lemonade stands are also a great accessory to have a kids birthday party, you can even have your whole party themed around one. This week, we are sharing quick tips on how to decorate a lemonade stand to fit any occasion!


tasselled jumbo balloon will really add the wow factor. Start off by selecting a table cover to set the tone. If you are going for a solid colour table cover, without any patterns, feel free to decorate the front of the stand with some tassles and garlands. Garlands and buntings are two great ways to frame your stand. Flag bunting or balloon garlands will both work.

Our top 10 decorating items for a lemonade stand include:


Below are some of our favourite products you can use to decorate with available from our online shop. Click on any of the links above to explore more colours and designs. You can select products from one range, such as Hot Summer, or mix things up by selecting different products from different ranges in the same colour. For example as below, the fun fruity cup is from our Fruits range and the colourful cake stand is from our Silly Circus range.


As suggested above, lemonade stands are not for lemonade only. You can add sweet treats such as french macarons, sugar cookies and mini donuts. You can bake your own sugar cookies and use any of our amazing cookie cutters for extra fun! Below are some details of the featured lemonade stand.



Can you taste the lemonade yet? Before we share four awesome inspirational lemonade stands – we have to share our top three Lemonade recipes. Your basic lemonade recipe starts with 3 cups lemon juice, ½ cup sugar and 10 cups of water. This will make 20 cups of lemonade. Add any of the following combinations below and you will have little ones coming back for more:


Add 3 cups of pomegranate juice to your basic recipe


Add 2 handfuls of fresh raspberries (blended, juiced or muddled) and 6 fresh peaches (blended or juiced).


3 cups of lime juice and 4 sprigs of chopped mint.



Have a look at some gorgeous lemonade stands above! Traditionally, lemonade is associated with pinks and yellows but don’t feel like you need to follow this colour palette. It just happens to be one of our favourite colour combos! We absolutely love the Flamingo and pineapple stand – if you would like to add some pineapple elements to your stand, head on over here. The stripey pink stand is super cute and uses some of our We Heart Pink party products. If you have put together a lemonade stand or are planning to, please share your top tips with our readers.

Image references:

Featured Lemonade stand  

Inspiration stand 1

Inspiration stand 2

Inspiration stand 3

Inspiration stand 4






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