Party Camel is a one-stop online party shop bringing you the ultimate in up-to-the minute, inspiring, design-led partyware and innovative gifts from around the globe.

Offering you the very best in fun and stylish quality international brands, next day delivery throughout the UAE and super-fast delivery options across the GCC, our goal is to save you time and make your life easier. You'll find that putting together your own Instagram-worthy celebration at home really can be a piece of cake!

For our retail partners, we offer over 10,000 products to choose from - providing exceptional choice and opportunity for differentiation amongst your own customer-base.

It all began in 2013. My eldest had started school full-time and my youngest was in nursery. I wanted to go back to work, but like so many women, I was seeking something that could offer me more flexibility and satisfaction from how I was spending my 'precious' time.
Today, I look back on how far we've come. There is nothing easy about being a start-up business - operating on a shoe-string and learning the ropes of being a business owner as you go along. The transition to becoming an SME comes packed with its own set of challenges, but also many rewards and great satisfaction. From those early days operaring out of our storeroom 'office' to having an actual studio, and now, a team of passionate staff committed to moving the Party Camel brand forward together, we have always been customer-centered and focused on bringing the best in 'all things party' to this part of the world. We continue to curate and take on new, innovative and incredible brands, and now proudly supply retailers in Dubai, the UAE and across the GCC to better meet the needs for our fun-loving customer-base of inspired and empowered women who want to celebrate occassions, moments (big & small), and life with style! 

I'm so exctited and appreciative that Party Camel can play a small role in helping women to ignite their creative spark and let it shine, while offering the tools to create parties that are filled with fun and love, and make them feel proud of what they have pulled off. My wish is that you too, will celebrate live and do it with (your one-of-a-kind) style.