How to Decorate your Cake

By Party Camel on November 7, 2017 in Birthdays


This week we are here for the mums who attempt to make a home baked birthday cake. We will show you how to decorate your cake and how to turn it into a show-stopper using some simple toppers and candles. 

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Back to Basics: for any party, a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting will do the trick. A big trend at the moment is to keep your cake basic and decorating simple. The traditional birthday cake is typically frosted with icing, but icing a cake got a serious make-under by removing the icing completely (think naked cakes) or if icing is used, do away with intricate icing techniques. This trend is perfect for the mum who doesn’t own an icing kit! For a kid’s birthday party, we would recommend decorating with icing though. The most basic and easiest way to dress your cake is to top it with a topper. At Party Camel, we have a range of fun cake toppers that will suit any party. Our Shooting Star Cake Topper with a rainbow tail and sparkly gold glitter proves to be one of our most popular products online. It’s perfect for almost any party or baby shower even.  A show stopping piece that transforms your cake into a spectacular sight is our Sparkle Cake Topper. This elegant peach cake topper can be used for many special occasions including birthdays, engagement parties and even weddings. Our toppers include food safe legs, so simply pop on top of your cake to make a statement. This delightful ‘Sparkle’ cake topper features fabulous jewels and stars bringing a modern touch to your table decoration. Ideal for so many occasions simply wipe clean and re-use again for your next celebration. Pop our Make a Wish Cake Topper on a vanilla frosted cake and be the star of the party!



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Sprinkles and a bit of food colour can turn your vanilla cake into a stunning showstopper.  Birthday cakes don’t always have to be a big bake affair. Mini cakes are another great trend when it comes to birthday cakes. Letter candles are the perfect way to say it all. Our Awesome Birthday Candles are perfect for any occasion in neon orange with flakes of shiny gold foil. Light up your cake with our wonderful candles in number shapes! Our Sparkler Candles are coated with gold glitter and are the perfect way to celebrate.  Our Yay! Candles are fun and stylish in bright pink with shimmering gold foil spots. A great idea is to split your letters over cupcakes to spell out your excitement. Combine number candles with sparkly stars and a Happy Birthday Glitter Topper to set a real party mood! Cupcakes will never go out of fashion! We have an amazing selection of cupcake kits – check them out over here.


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If your party has a specific theme, you are in luck! We have a wide variety of themed cake toppers that will suit your style. From a Boho Birthday, to Woodland creatures and Ballerinas. Wooden Cake Toppers are a neutral accessory that can be used at any special celebration. This Happy Birthday Wooden Cake Topper is from our Boho Range and just gorgeous! Our Let’s Explore Cake Toppers are perfect for a wilderness party and come in a mixture of styles including a bear family, tepee and forest trees. If you are celebrating an engagement, wedding or anniversary party with florals, then look no further.  Our Liberty Mr & Mrs Cake Topper is patterned with our classic Liberty Poppy & Daisy floral designs and embellished with a gold tassel. At Party Camel, we have candles in all shapes and sizes – from number, sparkler, letter to themed candles. Hop over here to see them all. . For more cake topper and cupcake decorating kits, click here.


Enjoy baking your cake and decorating it!  If you found an inspirational cake décor piece from Party Camel, please don’t forget to share with us! We would love to see @partycameldubai. Thank you for reading and happy baking x