Surf's Up!

By Party Camel on September 12, 2017 in Birthdays

As the heat of summer is slowly cooling down, mums and little ones can look forward to celebrating a birthday party outdoors again. We have access to lovely beach spots in Dubai so hosting a surf-themed party can be done easily and with only a few select items. Think neon and marble! If you would like to keep the celebrations closer to home, turn your pool into the hottest (or coolest) surf spot in town with a selection of our bright and cool neon party ware.


This party was put together by a mum who knows how to mix and match in style! The selection of plates, napkins and cups are all handpicked from different party ranges and combined into a beautiful neon party palette. Plates vary in colour, shape and size. The marble pattern is contrasted with natural wood elements to create a breezy vibe. All colours are combined in a gorgeous tassel balloon filled with colourful confetti, pure genius! 


See a selection of our favourite neon and marble partyware available from our website as below, this will help you re-create this party. Our Toot Sweet Neon Spiro party range is a great start – from a beautiful bright Spiro plate to neon party blowers, you will find it all in one place. Hop on over to our Marble Party Range and you will find marble in coral, mint, blue and pink. We have a selection of napkins, balloons, candles, cups and cupcake cases to choose from. Our fancy number balloons comes with decorative tissue tassels in a perfect colour match. Alternatively, you can also make your own giant confetti balloons with our neon confetti.



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Opt to keep the candy table simple with a gorgeous cake as the centre piece . Use tropical leaves for an extra touch and light up the party with a fun light box sign ( You can customize a bright cinema style box with a special birthday message. Our lightbox comes with 73 plastic tiles, so slide in your letters, numbers and symbols to create your unique message. You can change the message as often as you like throughout the party! Finish the cake off with our luxury coral number candle. These beautiful candles are finished off with chunky gold glitter for extra sparkle! We also have a selection of fun cake toppers. To view them all, simply click here (


The variety of plates used for this party make for a creative feast. You can select any of our marble party plates from our Marble Party Range or opt for our pretty pink ombre plates with cute foiled Happy Birthday design and foiled edging. Our Pick and Mix party range is perfect if you would like to add any ombre effects to the mix. Our party pastel blue plate features a silver foiled party message. There's lots to choose from. 


Finally, be sure to hand out some sunnies to all the surfers! We have a selection of sunglasses available in all shapes and sizes – to view them all click HERE and they make great going home gifts. Our coloured Lennon type sunglasses are a fantastic way to add colour to your surf party and create the right surf vibe. Girls can even opt for a hula skirt to complete their look! As a party bag filler opt for something in neon like our Yay enamel prints and don’t forget to check out our gorgeous neon yellow knitted blanket! The perfect neon stripe for a beach picnic.  We can't wait to see what you create! Happy party planning x



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