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By Sarah Bennett on April 15, 2018 in Birthdays

Spoiling someone close to you on their birthday is the best gift of all! It's the day that is meant for celebration, pampering and of course gifts. Be it anyone from your family or your beloved; you need to take charge of the celebrations and make the moments memorable for them.

The tricky part is always choosing a gift for your loved one. As you know almost everything about them, what they like and prefer to something that they disregard, it becomes finding the one crucial gift that will say it all extra important.

The birthday gift is going to be your way of expressing your love and care for your loved one. Money can’t buy everything when it comes to this, it needs to be personal. Therefore, you have to choose something that seems to be priceless to your loved one.

Sarah has put together 12 most perfect gifting ideas for you to consider to really WOW : 

1. A hamper full of assorted gifts

The perfect gift of all – A bouquet or hamper full of some lovely items that your loved one will adore! It may contain some luxurious bath and beauty products, or it may have something related to complete hair treatment tools. Knowing what your loved one is obsessed with and put things accordingly into the hamper will make their day. 

2. Flower Bouquet

It is probably the most classic choice of all. It is also one of the smartest choices as well when you are about to pick any gift. You can either make the flower bouquet filled with one special flower or do something entirely different by including different types of flowers together. Just remember that no matter which flowers you choose to include in the bouquet it should look glorious together and smell good too. You can also consider consulting the florist for the choice of flowers and putting it together. You can also add a small voucher or token with this for a small treat such as, a manicure for the both of you, a night out. After all your time spent together is the best gift of all. 

3. Electronic Gadgets

Is your loved one a gaming enthusiast? Or an ardent music lover? Choosing electronic gadgets will be a clever idea. Search for the latest trends of gaming and gift the latest. Or find which music player is making news in the recent times for hitting the favorite’s chart. Get the one you would like to gift, and it will surely come as a big birthday surprise for your loved one.


4. Books

Everyone loves books! In case you have seen a bookworm living inside your loved one, nothing can be better than gifting a set of books. It can be a rare classic collection or also be by someone who is making the news for the next Booker Prize. You can also go by the favorite author of your loved one. 


5. Chocolate or candy bouquet

Another gift that can delight your loved one from the core is when they receive a chocolate or candy bouquet. It is hardly possible for anyone to pass such a beautiful gift. You can have a plan of putting all the assorted chocolates and candies in one bouquet. Dark chocolates, gummies, Jell-O and some fruity-nutty candies along with it will make the bouquet perfect.

6. A booking pass to the best spa

How about giving a relaxing time to your loved one? You can do it by booking a spa appointment. Research and find out the best spa in town where the relaxing massage and spa session will help your loved one to unwind and enjoy the luxurious feeling. The gift will undoubtedly show how much you love and care. Go the extra mile and book both of you in together and spend some quality time together. 


7. A holiday package

There is no doubt about the fact that gifting your loved one with a holiday package is something that not everyone does. Therefore, your gift will stand out from the rest by its merit. It can be an adventurous solo trip or a family trip in which you are included as well – but it will make a grand surprising gift for sure. 


8. A collage of photographs

Photographs are undoubtedly the best memories that you can share. If you want to make your loved one go down memory lane, a collage of photographs will be the ideal gift to be given. You can include the memory of childhood along with some recent snaps to make the collage a piece of remembrance. It will serve as the ode to the good times. 

9. Cooking Essentials

Are you planning a birthday gift for someone who is a cooking enthusiast or a part-time chef? Gifting cooking essentials will make a perfect gift in this case. You can include some high-end cooking essentials that make the job of a cook easy in the kitchen.


10. Handmade Accessories & Jewelries

If it is a girl, nothing can impress her more than jewelry and accessories. You can make it further special by gifting handmade jewelry that has a distinct touch in the making and styling; it will undoubtedly delight your loved one. You can also try and find some handmade bags or shoes to match with it so that your idea looks elevated.

11. Personalized Gifts

Buy a pendant and engrave the name of your loved one in it along with yours. It is not only for couples romantically involved with each other and showing commitment in this way, but you can do the same with your sister, mother and even with your best friend.


12.  A surprise birthday party!

Last but not least, arranging a surprise birthday party can be the most fun way to celebrate! Pick their favourite food and drinks, decorate with party decorations. Adding a cake to the surprise party along with some champagne opening scene will further make the party special.

Pick any one of these ideas and it will sure to be the most special birthday gift your loved one has ever received. Make sure you take some time to choose the best fit for him or her. Sometimes its more fun to give a gift than to receive it. 

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A big thank you to Sarah for writing this lovely article:

Sarah is a senior content curator in, a leading holiday portal in Dubai, UAE”


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