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By Party Camel on October 4, 2017 in Seasonal

Yes it’s October already and time to plan your Halloween bash! Terrified of organising a frightening affair? Don’t be, Party Camel is here to help. We have a huge variety of Halloween partyware in all the essential colours and patterns to create a Happy Halloween experience. Think skull party plates, cat napkins, and wickedly bat and scary ghost decorations. 


A Halloween colour palette usually starts with black. Think black balloons, black streamers and black paper fans all contribute to a Halloween party staple. Brighten your table setting with pumpkin orange accessories - when adding an orange balloon, orange paper fan or orange napkin you instantly create a happy Halloween atmosphere. We love the idea of mixing and matching different products from different party ranges, so don’t fear black and white stripey partyware and mix it with our starry silver partyware  for a trendy look. 



You can lighten the mood with a white tablecover, white cake and bright orange and black decorations. For table ware the (night) sky is the limit. We have selected some of our favourite Halloween tableware below but don’t forget to check out our Starry Silver and Orange & Black Stripey Partyware too and see our full collections.



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Halloween treats can include cupcakes, cookies as well as sweets!  We absolutely love the sugar skull cookies as below they match perfectly our skull party plates. Our Halloween Cookie Cutters are a great addition to any Halloween Candy table! You can also create spooky cupcakes in black & white cupcakes cases or opt for our Trick or Treat cupcake toppers. Our Halloween Coffin Cupcake Kit is a spooky cupcake kit featuring a coffin full of crazy topper characters and striped cupcake liners in black, white and orange.


Creep some ghoulish treats you have managed to grab into our coffin-shaped food trays and munch away! These food trays are ideal for spooking up any Halloween buffet table. They could also be used for trick or treating to collect your sweets in!

Complete with a spine-chilling white bat design contrasting against the black paper food tray, this product really gives you that ominous, shudder-some feel to your Halloween party extravaganza!



One of our favourite Halloween pieces has to be the Halloween Bat Cup! These party cups are coated with silver holographic foil and come with a spooky bat cup wrap for a fearsome Halloween effect.  Bats are a great addition to any Halloween party. They can fly from the ceiling, decorate a cake or even double up as a photo prop. 


If you are looking for amazing Halloween Photo booth props, look no further. Dress up with any of these props or pop some animal ears on. Most importantly have fun!!!   Happy Halloween party planning x



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 Don’t forget to check out our Halloween celebration from last year – Spooky Halloween Playdate, or if you would like to try your hand at some Easy DIY Halloween Ideas, simply click HERE



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