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Create a luxury effect for your celebration with these delightful balloons filled with confetti of your choice! The kits contain clear balloons, a bag of confetti discs, a twine and a cardboard tube to be used to insert the confetti. You can get as creative as you like!


Helium instructions: Helium filled balloons can float for up to 12 hours, however this is dependent on how they are handled, transported & mostly importantly the weather conditions. Helium is sensitive to temperature so avoid extreme heat & extreme cold. Our recommendation is to inflate the balloon very close to the start time of your event. In most cases the confetti will pool in the bottom of your balloon without some air, we suggest that you pop in some air first (about a basketball worth). To create static; rub the inflated balloon with your hand & roll the balloon for the confetti to stick. This process may need to be repeated during your event. Bare in mind we cannot guarantee the confetti will stick when inflating with helium.


Air instructions: We recommend to blow up your balloon using a balloon pump or air compressor. For our fun confetti balloons, inflate with a balloon pump and rub the balloon with your hand to create static. Roll the confetti around inside the balloon and let the static work its magic. You may need to repeat the process. Please be aware of sharp objects, heat and lights sources as all have the potential to effect balloons adversely.