Looking for something bouncy, colorful and vibrant? We’ve got you covered! Below you’ll find our enchanting collections of balloons. Each folder reveals a stunning range of impeccable balloons in a variety of colors to compliment your party! Because balloons are fragile by nature, we advise our customers to be extra careful when inflating the balloons. We use the highest latex balloons available, therefore we are confident in their durability, however if you have any concerns we advise to purchase extra balloons to save the day in case of an emergency.


We highly recommend purchasing our Helium Canister to inflate the balloons. Not only does it save you time but is also highly convenient, imagine having to fit all the inflated balloons in your car. Trust us, you will thank us later! If you would like to have the balloons inflated with helium we most certainly can arrange that at an additional cost for the helium, any day of the week except for Friday. In both cases you would have to pass by our fun studio as we do not deliver the Helium Canister or the Inflated Balloons. For inflating instructions and maintenance kindly read the description in each folder.


Our services also include delivery and installation of helium and air filled balloons. If you decide to go wild and WOW your guests with an outstanding balloon decoration, our balloon artist will be more than happy to assist you with this! For cost and reservation kindly reach out to us in advance at